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FAQs: Legacy Home Remodeling

What does it cost to get a quote:

All quotes are free

How are payments made, and when are they made?

⅓ of the project is due at the time of contract signing and the rest is due when the project is completed.

Do I need to worry about permits?

Legacy home remodeling will get any required permits

What should I be asking my contractor?

Communication is the key to any project. Ask the contractor on their methods and plan for communication.

What is a change order?

A change order is when the contract has changed so that all parties can stay on the same page

Can I be involved with the design and build process?

Absolutely! Everything is based on customer decisions.

Should I remodel or should I sell?

We can have a conversation on the monetary benefits of either scenario.

How do I communicate with you?

In person , by text, or phone which every is better at keeping the lines of communication open.

What causes schedule changes?

Usually only weather affects schedule changes.

What is included with a free remodeling estimate?

A clear written estimate.

Do you use subcontractors?


How do you handle communication with us during our project?

A conversation everyday. Lines of communication are always open

Are you licensed and insured?


Can you provide references?


What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, check, credit card, and financing

Do you provide a service warranty?


Should I plan more money than the contract price?


Can I live in my house while it is being remodeled?


In what order should you remodel your house?

Roof , then Siding/windows

Our Full Range of Services

contractors close up replacing house roof sykesville md

Damage to your roof can cause a range of problems. Getting your roof replaced ensures your home is protected against severe weather for years to come.

contractor close up installing siding at house exteriors with hammer sykesville md

With decades of experience and a reputation for quality, we can help you choose the right siding for your home and give you a competitive price.

contractor hand close up with glove installing white frame window sykesville md

Our team will work quickly and efficiently to ensure that all of your windows are properly installed, with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

contractor hand with screwdriver installing exterior door sykesville md

We specialize in door installation and will work with you to find the right doors for your needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority!